Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson (Book Review)


Annie's Song
Catherine Anderson
Read: July 10, 2016

This is one of those books that I have been waiting for. It's not always easy to find such a piece, which make you smile and cry, laugh and shake, and bring a bunch of other different emotions at once. This is the book that I wasn't able to stop reading, and for which I stayed awake almost all night.
Annie is a girl with a disability. Her parents think that she has a brain damage transmitted from her mother's side, but Annie is just deaf. Blinded by their business plans, they are unable to give her normal childhood. They beat her when she does something wrong, they exclude her from all activities, and she is left scared and in her own imaginary world that she is dreaming of constantly.
When Annie is raped, she becomes even more scared of the world, of everything and everybody around her, especially the man who did it. the rapist's brother, physically so similar to him, but mentally so different, tries to smooth out the situation. Once Annie's parents discover she is pregnant, they contact him in panic. Alex decides to marry her and to take her child, divorcing her afterwards. Since they think she has a brain damage, she will not be asked nor she will feel anything.
Innocent and beautiful, Annie soon becomes a subject of interest to Alex, who slowly discovers her real situation. Furious, he goes to her parents and tells them that Annie is deaf and that they treated her wrongly all her poor life. He leaves, sad and desperate, but resolute to help Annie. Learning about her more and more, he falls in love with her, transforming her from a scary child into a loving woman and wife.
Love is the most powerful weapon in this world. It brings about change everywhere. It helped Annie have a normal life like every human being deserves. No matter our abilities and disabilities, we all have feelings, and we all deserve to be loved and to be taken care of. Each of us needs someone to show us love, to show us that we belong to this world, that we are just like others, looking for a safe place to settle in.
This book is so emotional and warm. While it shows the cruelty of the world we live in, it also shows the other, positive side. The positive side wins here. And maybe, only maybe, we can hope that it will win in our reality as well.
I recommend this book to everyone who hasn't read it yet. I am sure I will pick it again some day. Hoping that I will have it on my shelf, where it will have a special place. Surely, it has a special place in my heart.


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